Toyotetsu Optimizes Plant Space for Projected Growth with Dynamic Storage

Toyotetsu Simcoe's Ontario plant was expecting a two-fold increase in the number of metal frame parts that they’d be building for Toyota. Previously, operators drove tuggers down aisles to find and pick parts, place them on carts, and deliver them to the welding area.

With the company’s projected growth, the existing tugging zone would be too tight to pick efficiently. This increase in volume led to the implementation of a complete UNEX storage system that would increase storage density, allowing them to use their current space as efficiently as possible.

Working with UNEX, the new flow rack system in the tugging zone helped Toyetetsu achieve: 

  • Increased storage needed to accommodate a 30% increase in business
  • 10% more floor space with a new flow rack system
  • A designated storage area for every part where clearly-marked bins can be stored for key products

Download the case study to learn more about how dynamic storage helps growing companies like Toyotetsu to gain space, increase storage density, and move components efficiently.

UNEX-Flow Rack-Toyotetsu Simcoe