ThermoFisher Scientific Increases Pick Efficiency by 45% with SpanTrack

A world leader in serving science, ThermoFisher Scientific needed to streamline order fulfillment operations in one of it’s manufacturing and distribution centers. The challenge was that workers fulfilled orders by picking from thousands of unique SKUs, including many that must be stored in cooler or freezer areas.

To help ThermoFisher Scientific redesign the cooler and freezer areas to create an ideal carton flow and order picking scenario, UNEX implemented SpanTrack to improve product flow and ultimately help workers to pick more accurately and quickly. The end result allowed ThermoFisher Scientific to:

  • Improve productivity, requiring fewer pickers at the plant and shifts reduced from 12-hours to 8-hours
  • Achieve maximum flexibility for slotting SKUs of different sizes, from 1-inch vials to 10-milliliter bottles
  • Bring the pick zone out of the freezer to create a safer and more comfortable environment for pickers
  • Increase pick efficiency by 45% with condensed, organized storage in an accessible area

Download the case study to learn more about how customized carton flow beds allow growing companies like ThermoFisher Scientific to improve picking efficiency and accuracy.

UNEX-SpanTrack-Thermo Fisher