Grocery Distributor Maximizes Freezer Space with a Vertical Carton Flow Solution

With 128 years of superior service, growth, and success in the wholesale grocery industry, Smart & Final decided it was time to revamp their existing Port Stockton Foods distribution warehouse in Northern California. Because SpanTrack was already being used in small quantities with great success at Smart & Final’s Los Angeles and Miami facilities, SpanTrack carton flow systems became the obvious choice.

In their other facilities, SpanTrack worked well horizontally across the floor. To increase the amount of inventory facing into the freezer, they opted for a SpanTrack solution that ran vertically, from floor to ceiling. The solution allows Smart & Final to receive the product, put it on an order picker, and stock just like you would a hand-stocked shelf.

With SpanTrack carton flow solutions, Smart & Final can now:

  • Change out a bay in 15 to 20 minutes with one person vs. two
  • Slot boxes of all sizes in accordance with FIFO stock rotation
  • Easily access the 2,800 freezer items in their Port Stockton facility

Download the case study to learn more about how carton flow helps growing companies like Smart & Final maximize space to hold more SKUs, reduce labor costs, and meet the demands of the grocery industry.

UNEX-SpanTrack-Smart and Final