National Food Wholesaler

Distributor Reduces Picker Travel Time by 80% with UNEX Storage Solutions

UNEX Food Wholesaler Case Study - HD StorageA national food distributor was faced with a great problem – explosive growth. Unfortunately, the proliferation of SKUs was wreaking havoc on productivity. To create space, slow-moving items were removed from the pick aisle and shoved in corners on shelves here and there, requiring workers to leave the pick line to retrieve items.

The UNEX team created a new pick line that intermixed pallet positions to streamline order picking. The new design incorporated shelving into the existing pallet rack layout, creating a walkthrough within the pallet rack. The team then installed mobile shelving units within the walkthroughs, and the shelving became known as “Pick Tunnel Carts.”

Download the case study to learn how carton flow solutions help growing companies like this national food wholesaler to maximize space to hold more SKUs, increase pick rates, and meet the demands of the grocery industry.