Meal Kit Tycoon Makes Space for Future Growth with Modular Flow Rack Solution.

UNEX HelloFresh Case StudyHelloFresh offers subscribers over 20 meal options on a weekly basis, HelloFresh needed to optimize its existing facility to maintain precise fulfillment, as well as the flexibility to grow and add more meal-kitting lines.

To solve their challenge, UNEX tested different roller types, rails, and heights to configure a custom FlowCell modular flow rack solution tailored to HelloFresh’s unique requirements. The end result allowed HelloFresh to increase the number of lines from 18 to 28 in the same amount of floor space, create return lines for empty boxes so that replenishers can easily pick them up, and improve ergonomics.

Download the case study to learn how customized carton flow allows growing companies like HelloFresh to adapt to product changes quickly, efficiently, and without interruptions to customers.