Online Grocer Finds Floor Space for Hundreds of SKUs and Improves Pick Rates with SpanTrack

Manhattan-based online grocery service, Fresh Direct, provides New Yorkers with a way to get their groceries delivered directly to the customer’s front door. Fresh Direct employees pick 63,000+ orders per week, averaging 8.5 lines per order and 10 items per order. Because of the company's delivery guarantees, every order has to be picked correctly and delivered on time.

To keep Fresh Direct’s grocery service moving without interruption, UNEX replaced old carton flow tracks at about 4,000 product locations with SpanTrack at Fresh Direct’s Borden Avenue warehouse. When Fresh Direct opened a new warehouse in October 2011, UNEX equipped the entire 70,000-square-foot facility with SpanTrack.

Fresh Direct has experienced many benefits from SpanTrack compared to the old carton flow system, including: 

  • Faster pick rates because dry and cold inventory is easy to see, reach, and retrieve 
  • Efficient product replenishment because product is loaded from the back and rolls smoothly forward
  • Cleaner warehouses due to the conveyable surface area under each carton, eliminating gaps and preventing items from falling through shelves

Download the case study to learn how carton flow helps growing companies like Fresh Direct maximize space, increase pick rates, and meet the demands of the online grocery industry.

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