Truck Manufacturer Accelerates Production With New Supermarket Setup and Carton Flow Sub-Assembly Line

Daimler Trucks Components & Logistics’ North Carolina facility relies on space, speed, and accuracy to meet fulfillment deadlines. Their original set up, created quickly with cardboard boxes to address a sub-assembly need, disrupted the flow of operations. To meet mounting fulfillment pressure, Daimler was also challenged to quadruple the number of automotive parts in storage within the same footprint.

To solve their challenges, UNEX provided 40 FlowCell Workstations and 2,600 SpanTrack Lanes, giving workers an organized and dependable way to carry out assembly tasks and helping Daimler to: 

  • Eliminate wasted time by removing the need for workers to walk to a separate station and sort through parts
  • Take up a third less space compared to their old system, while allowing them to get more SKUs in the same facility
  • Maximize space and efficiency with strong, clean, and lightweight lineside storage

Download the case study to learn more about how UNEX modular flow racks and carton flow solutions allow growing companies like Daimler to maximize storage space, increase worker productivity, and fulfill orders on time.

UNEX-Carton Flow-Daimler