Wholesaler Makes Room for 3,600 More Cases and Speeds Pick Time with a Suite of UNEX Solutions.

Capital Candy - once a mom-and-pop shop in Barre, Vermont - is now a bustling distributor of grocery and convenience store products to over 3,000 customers across 6 states. Capital Candy has relied on UNEX solutions for decades, and as they continue to grow and expand, the space optimization experts are there every step of the way.

As demand and SKU variety in their most popular categories increased over time, Capital Candy needed to expand their warehouse footprint. In order to ensure operations continued to run efficiently, they implemented 27 bays of SpanTrack Wheel Bed, 2 bays of SpeedCell dynamic high-density shelving, and Gravity Conveyor. This allowed them to:

  • Store 3,600 more cases of product in their location
  • Add 900 new items with room to spare
  • Slot 196 slow movers into two, 8 ft. bays, saving their each picking operation about 72 ft. of shelf space

Download the case study to learn how SpanTrack Wheel Bed, SpeedCell, and other UNEX innovations help Capital Candy keep pace with growth and keep customers coming back for more.

SpeedCell Dynamic High-Density Shelving