Candy Wholesaler Improves Pick Rates by 35% with Customized Carton Flow Rack Solutions

Even with Capital Candy’s 70,000 square feet of warehouse space spread over three buildings, the wholesaler knew more space was required to house additional SKUs. The company considered moving to a new building, constructing an addition, and stacking inventory higher but was concerned about cost and efficiency. Ultimately, the wholesaler chose to reorganize the pick areas for each product group using UNEX carton flow solutions.

Capital Candy reorganized its facility and eliminated the need to expand their space. Using a combination of UNEX solutions including SpanTrack carton flow rollers, Roller Rack gravity flow racks, and Shelf Track plastic wheel rail replacement, Capital Candy was able to: 

  • Add 1,000 new SKUs by overhauling multiple areas of the warehouse
  • Improve pick rates by 35% with a three-level pick module and easy access pick areas
  • Decrease labor costs and increase sales with more streamlined warehouse organization
  • Eliminate product rotation issues by implementing SpanTrack carton flow rollers  in the freezer and cooler sections.
  • Eliminate inefficient plastic wheel rails by replacing them with Shelf Track full-width aluminum carton flow rollers.

Download the case study to learn how UNEX engineered-to-order carton flow solutions allow wholesalers like Capital Candy to adapt to rapid-fire product introductions without acquiring additional space.

UNEX -Flow Rack-Capital Candy