Aubuchon Hardware Increases Pick Rates by 50% with Customized Storage and Flow Solutions

Aubuchon Hardware, a family-owned chain of hardware stores with 120 brick-and-mortar locations, relies heavily on well-stocked distribution centers to stay competitive. When the company expanded its inventory to include Benjamin Moore paints, warehouse inventory control reached a tipping point. They needed a storage solution that would support heavy, slow-moving paint SKUs, first-in-first-out rotation, and organization to avoid mispicks. 

UNEX visited the warehouse and provided a custom FlowCell solution that Aubuchon was able to incorporate directly into their pick path. Read the case study to see how Aubuchon Hardware: 

  • Increased inventory control and enabled faster order fulfillment for stores 
  • Enabled employees to slot about 120 gallons of paint in the new rack
  • Maximized distribution center space to slot 180 SKUs of fast-moving SKUs in a 20-foot section
  • Increased picking speeds by 50%

Download the case study to learn more about how FlowCell helps family-owned companies like Aubuchon Hardware stay competitive by expanding storage space, keeping aisles clear, and maximizing picker productivity.

UNEX-FlowCell-Aubuchon Hardware