Reconfigurable Flow Racks Help Automobile Plant Meet Its Just-In-Time Production Goals

Adient LLC wanted to implement a system that increased the production output of its 125,000 square-foot plant in West Point, Georgia. At their current capacity, Adient could complete 55 jobs per hour and was hoping to increase that number to 60 within the same warehouse footprint. To expand production while meeting the regularly changing production demands of the automotive industry, Adient needed assembly line solutions that were movable, adjustable, and reusable. 

To solve their challenge, Adient ordered and installed 41 UNEX FlowCell workstations and saw: 

  • Optimized space usage with easily adjustable FlowCell flow rack solutions
  • 3x faster reconfiguration speeds over other types of rack solutions
  • Increased rack reusability, eliminating the need to buy additional racks

Download the case study to learn how UNEX modular flow rack solutions allow growing companies like Adient LLC to adapt to production changes quickly, efficiently, and without interruptions to their workflow.

UNEX Flow Racks Adient